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Hello world!

June 17, 2012 1 comment

Seems like a fitting way to start this first blog post, as it is being written on my way back from Cisco Live 2012 (US); which, for me, started with another sort of Hello World.  My week at the conference began with a class on Embedded Event Manager, in which the first practical exercise consisted of creating a TCL script to announce ‘Hello World’ via a console message on a router.

I’m beginning this blog at the suggestion of Amy Arnold, aka @amyengineer, who writes some great Cisco-voice related posts over at ; and Matthew Berry, aka @ciscovoiceguru, who writes over at

Having just had my Cisco geek battery recharged at Cisco Live, and facing a five hour flight home, it seemed an appropriate time to get started.  If nothing else, it will pass the time at 30,000 feet.

While I doubt I’ll be half as amusing as Amy’s writing (Moles?  Seriously?  Seriously, moles.  Go check that one out, I’ll wait.), or as technically sound as Matthew’s, I will try to at least make posts that are worth an occasional read.
So credit those two for any value this drivel wonderful site provides, but blame me if you find it a waste of time (and yourself if you make a habit of it.)

I expect this site will primarily act as a repository for technical notes related to Cisco technology products, especially in the area of voice/collaboration.

Feedback is appreciated, but be nice, as I’m a newbie, and my sad face is even scarier than my regular one. The look of the site may vary as I figure this stuff out.

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